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Root Core’s is energy work focused on Ancestral, intergenerational and childhood wounds. Which ultimately impact every area of our life including our mental and physical health.All of our relationships including that with ourself. How we deal with money and businesses.How we cope with life.

My operating philosophy is that love, connection, safety, justice, dignity and autonomy are all required for healthy functioning and well being. .Our basic human needs. Suffering occurs when all or some of our basic human needs are absent.

The resultant suffering is expressed through the mind’s thoughts, physical feelings, emotions, the stories we make around ourselves from which we create our life! Those sufferings which may result in inner disturbances or inner conflicts become expressed outwardly as symptoms in our physical and mental health.

The recovery of moving from victim to survivor, can go the next step – into fully recovered. Releasing the stuck energies of unexpressed trauma to reclaiming your birth right to thrive and live a life of connection, full of joy, inner peace and love. Self-Love as the primary goal. The recovery can be rapid, gentle, with physical & mental health reclaimed as the outcome.

  • Rapid Core Healing goes to the root cause, accesses the subconscious mind to repair the imprints of traumatic experiences,
  • My aim is to re -empower you, not hold you in reliance.
  • Full recovery it is possible to go beyond victim or survivor by releasing the energetic imprints of your past.Through recovery and with your authentic nature restored your life then is free to be created on your terms.
  • Restoration opens the door to transition into living with presence & purpose!
  • My purpose is to guide and support my clients in their self-healing, as I believe that humans have the answers to their problems within their subconscious through accessing their deep well of innate personal and ancestral wisdom. Ross Duncan, Root Cores

Reconnecting to Self worth and Self Love you begin to flourish!

The way to your Souls journey home

Your Soul Retrieval
  • Untangling from your InterGenerational, Ancestral, and your childhood years Releasing unexpressed issues in your family system. Retrieving what been lost, clearing energies you have unconsciously gathered from external places. Restoration of your Ancestral, inter generational and childhood through Rapid Core Healing.
Your Soul Essence.
  • A closer examination of your current identities.Where were these indentities formed?
  • Your “Who am I? without my conditioning. labels, beliefs, masks, roles. Recognising old patterns. Aware of any looping mind chatter .Restoring your true identity and reclaiming your “I am.
  • Reconnecting to your essential authentic self:
  • Walking back through your personal timeline to reveal what you may have innocently taken on.
Your Soul Purpose
  • Deep insight into your true identity.
  • Through closer inspection of your unique Astrology blueprint there is a rediscovering of your true nature. Knowing the signature of your Souls operating system opens doors to your reconnecting to your authentic self.:

At Root Cores I use a variety of non-invasive methods, incorporating the modalities of Rapid Core Healing,

Childhood Trauma, Family Constellations, Personal Astrology blueprints, , Your who am I ? Your personal timeline as guidance to untangle from your past.

Any combination of the above is available or individually tailored to your needs. Three sessions as minimum this is about committing to your healing no one can change that in only one session. With three to five sessions deep transformation and recovery are possible

‘Trauma is perhaps the most avoided, ignored, belittled, denied, misunderstood, and untreated cause of human suffering! Peter A Levine.

The literal meaning of trauma is ‘wounds’.

Emotional and physical wounds. We all have encounters with traumatic experiences which get carried into our lives unconsciously. Yet there appears to be a lot of denial and stigma admitting we have had experiences of traumatic events in our lives.

Preferring to pretend when asked ‘How are you.? Oh I’m fine’!!!

Physical illness very often manifests from emotional wounds,Yet mostly our western medical system tends to treat individual symptom not uncover the root cause. Then treat the whole body mind system.

Question: What is your greatest asset and what should you invest in?
Answer: Yourself ! You are your most valuable asset.

Root Cores, home of energy cleansing and personal transformation.
Rapid Core Healing for your Journey Home to Soul.
Free yourself from the shackles of the past,the bonds of family wounds,the nightmares of your childhood.

Change occurs at the depth of the individual Soul”

Michael Meade

What Clients are Saying

I have been working with Ross on my childhood & ancestral family trauma. Not something I trust just anyone to work with on! 

Ross holds space for others beautifully. He is a gentle, warm human being with incredible energy. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia by my Rheumatologist. He attributed it to my childhood trauma and I was put on heavy duty medication just to make it through a day. Since working with Ross to shift my trauma I have not experienced a ‘fibro flare’. I am off all my medications. I no longer need to sleep for hours during the day. I have my life back, and a long life ahead. I highly recommend working with Ross to anyone wanting to life free from their past and the associated physical illnesses trauma can cause. Susan, QLD

Ross’ Latest Ponderings

Your ‘Who am I’?

‘Using a guided pre recorded video, for a self paced self exploration into all the false identities taken on over the course of one’s life Who would you be if the were softened, recognised and let go? Our sense of self is formed in early childhood. through the human conditioning we receive As newborn babies…

Family Constellations session how it looks.

What is a Constellation? The technique of a Family Constellation session is deceptively simple. Someone who wants to examine their family dynamic is brought together with a group of people from whom they select individuals to represent different family members, including one to represent themselves. In one to one sessions any thing can be used…

What’s in a name?

My Father and his family line where deeply connected to horses .Masters of horse person ship. Horses are well known for their sensitive nature. Horses respond to their handlers temperament and are used in therapy (equine ) As a four year boy my Dad took me riding. Which was the first time on a separate…

Trauma, a very personal journey

Every human being on the planet has experienced trauma in one form or another. The word trauma from Ancient Greek root meaning is wound,damage. Physical and psychological injury,an event that causes great distress. It is not uncommon to experience trauma unknowingly, because trauma is often incorrectly perceived as being a large event that causes significant…

Memories of my ancestors

On the wind they ride! From the quiet still places come the blessings of my old people. Many familiar faces. Mother, Father, Grandparents too. Spirit souls from other places, no longer clothed in the skins familiar to my view. They play upon the winds like falling leaves or an untethered soft downy feather, riding on…

Shifting stuck Energy

Everything is Energy ! What does hat mean in context to Root Cores? Rapid Core Healing safely releases the suppressed stuck energy of unexpressed emotion. Their source comes from inter generational wounds of the family lines and in the personal life. Root cores sessions are for those seeking to live life free the from weight…

Ancestral or Generational?

Ancestral and Generational are often words used interchangeably. However there is a difference, Generational being the immediate family line traumas. I have found from the clients I work with at Root Cores, clearing their past generational issues, clears the way for not only them but for their children and future generations. I work closely with…

What is Trauma?

Trauma is the response to any deeply stressful and disturbing event,emotional or physical experiences, that overwhelm an individual’s ability to cope, causing feelings of helplessness, diminishing the sense of self and the ability to feel the full range of emotions and experiences. Leave you feeling numb, unsafe, alone, not worthy of love. Can feel we…

Changing Perspective

I was listening to some men talking about their elderly fathers who had both recently past over at age of 90. One man mentioned his father was always very detached, not emotionally available! This got me curious from a family constellation perspective what may have caused his father to be disconnected? To be 90 years…

I am the water

a poem by Ross I am the water the H2O, from the tiniest drop to the raging flow. River torrents,oceans wide, I flow from you as blood, as sweat, as the tears you weep. Over you as showers of rain,immerse in me as salt or fresh for I will wash away your pain. There are…

Personal Astrology Blueprints

I found Astrology on my personal explorations into “Who am I”? “What am I here for? Whats the under lying nature of Ross. I had this thirst to try and understand more about myself .As I explored I had many aaha moments all of which resonated deeply like someone actually got me, understood me as…

Our identity is shaped from our childhood environment.

Our life journey contains many traumatic experiences and events, some are from our direct experiences and others are inherited from the generations of our family lines, Our sense of self is formed, the inner narrative, our fictional self, the false Identity takes shape from all our external experiences of life. The Environment we are grown…

The Energetic Imprint Left Behind after Traumatic Events.

Emotion as energy in motion. When we experience traumatic events, the emotion gets trapped in our physical bodies. It’s like being startled or holding the breath. Trauma freezes our nervous system. We all experience traumatic events in our lives. The impact of those events can remain with us our whole life time! Left unresolved trauma…

Pricing and Bookings

Note pricing is in the local dollar the value of your country of residence. if you live in Australia $AUD applies, if you live in USA then $USD apply, New Zealand $NZD, Canada $CAD, Euro & British pounds For further information or to book contact Ross here

Services Offered

Rapid Core HealingPersonal Timeline and Family ConstellationsSoul RetrievalSoul Purpose/DestinyLife Purpose Guidance (including Astrology)Energy Healing and PsychologyMentoringSafe Space Holder

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