The Energetic Imprint Left Behind after Traumatic Events.

Emotion as energy in motion.

When we experience traumatic events, the emotion gets trapped in our physical bodies. It’s like being startled or holding the breath. Trauma freezes our nervous system.

We all experience traumatic events in our lives. The impact of those events can remain with us our whole life time!

Left unresolved trauma manifests as physical illness, Dis -ease in the physical body.

Our body releases chemicals to protect it from trauma, irrespective when the trauma occurred. Our body doesn’t recognise time. An event 20 years ago left unresolved can re-trigger from our subconscious in any moment.

The impact of trauma leaves us with an energetic imprint, like bruising on our physical body system, our nervous system, trapped deep in our subconscious.

The impact gets retriggered regularly. Sometimes daily. We react, respond, cope with trauma imprints shadowing. Stumbling through on autopilot often unaware of the source or causes of our over responses or reaction.

Our medical system treats the symptom without any understand of the cause, often only able to numb the e-motional pain. suppress the feeling

Root Cores, as a modern day soul retrieval, removes the stuck energy of the trauma at the cause where it first occurred. By the releasing the energetic imprints at subconscious levels there is also has a releasing effect on the physical symptoms and mental well being which has been quite noticeable in clients

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