Personal Astrology Blueprints

I found Astrology on my personal explorations into “Who am I”? “What am I here for? Whats the under lying nature of Ross. I had this thirst to try and understand more about myself .As I explored I had many aaha moments all of which resonated deeply like someone actually got me, understood me as well as providing me with an understanding of myself. How I was in my natural state. The energy signature I entered into this life with. As I began listening to & reading more astrology I began to understand how our Birth Time, Location and Date of birth contains this blue print which is unique to each individual . No two charts are the same. Our unique blue print points to how we present to the world, (Sun) how we feel and express (Moon) how we communicate (Mercury) How we Love ( Venus) Our drive (Mars) and so much more.There in our blueprint also lay many of the themes that play out in our individual life journey. When I started using astrology with clients I noticed it resonated Particularly after shedding the layers of inherited beliefs around identity Astrology is great guidance to reclaiming who one really is.the astrology blue print becomes a tool used to look into Who am I? Whats my purpose where are my strengths? Our Astrology blueprint contains valuable keys to where can I apply awareness to add strength to my way of being.

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