Shifting stuck Energy

Everything is Energy ! What does hat mean in context to Root Cores?

Rapid Core Healing safely releases the suppressed stuck energy of unexpressed emotion. Their source comes from inter generational wounds of the family lines and in the personal life. Root cores sessions are for those seeking to live life free the from weight of past experiences.

We each carry with in us our individual trauma signature from the unpleasant life experiences we have had, we also inherit in our DNA from our family ancestors .Years of conditioning, driven by an inner desire to belong, feel Love and be connected .The impact of every relating (our relationships) with others, forms our view (perception) of the world around us and creates the world within us, How we see ourselves often we are our own harshest critic form our identity from all the external messages we received.

How we respond and how we react, are all formed from the imprint of unpleasant life experiences.Traumas pile up, each memory gets stored in our physical body as feelings, in our minds as repetitive thoughts.
This is our called subconscious, the storehouse of feelings & thoughts.

They flare up as emotions. As Einstein discovered everything is energy emotions are energy in motion. During traumatic situations the emotion gets stuck or unexpressed, becoming frozen subconsciously in the body and mind, awaiting an opportunity to be expressed. Often reawakened in a future interaction, bursting out in another form. What was once frozen as grief or loss may express as anger, rage, as harsh words towards another, they in turn are now are impacted by your original grief.The grief is still suppressed and unacknowledged and remains subconsciously awaiting another opportunity to express regain its motion out of the body and mind it may well turn into physical symptoms in the body or mental illness in the mind, depression, anxiety as examples.

There are many applications for Root Cores, Family Constellations has roots in my work as does childhood trauma and Astrology.

I am here to empower people NOT hold them in codependency like some therapy models?

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