What’s in a name?

My Father and his family line where deeply connected to horses .Masters of horse person ship. Horses are well known for their sensitive nature. Horses respond to their handlers temperament and are used in therapy (equine )


As a four year boy my Dad took me riding. Which was the first time on a separate horse to him, As he lead my horse while riding another horse a fairly traumatic experience happened where I was thrown from the horse and concussed.

For my four year old self this lead me to inwardly to carry deep shame that I would not be the horse person my ancestors where .I was fearful around horses from that point on, although I did get back in the saddle so to speak, my fear rode with me as I rode attempting to master this noble powerful,sensitive, creature.

Much later in life I explored the name Ross which I was given at birth. I smiled at the irony of the connection to horses. Had my ancestors influenced my naming as a connection to them. As a reminder to empower me on this life journey, to connect to my personal power, my inner strength rather than looking for it outside of myself.

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