Trauma, a very personal journey

Every human being on the planet has experienced trauma in one form or another. The word trauma from Ancient Greek root meaning is wound,damage. Physical and psychological injury,an event that causes great distress. It is not uncommon to experience trauma unknowingly, because trauma is often incorrectly perceived as being a large event that causes significantContinue reading “Trauma, a very personal journey”

Shifting stuck Energy

Everything is Energy ! What does hat mean in context to Root Cores? Rapid Core Healing safely releases the suppressed stuck energy of unexpressed emotion. Their source comes from inter generational wounds of the family lines and in the personal life. Root cores sessions are for those seeking to live life free the from weightContinue reading “Shifting stuck Energy”

The Energetic Imprint Left Behind after Traumatic Events.

Emotion as energy in motion. When we experience traumatic events, the emotion gets trapped in our physical bodies. It’s like being startled or holding the breath. Trauma freezes our nervous system. We all experience traumatic events in our lives. The impact of those events can remain with us our whole life time! Left unresolved traumaContinue reading “The Energetic Imprint Left Behind after Traumatic Events.”