Journey Home to Soul as a guided program

Journey Home to Soul as a guided program

Journey Home to Soul is a deep dive transformational program that guides & supports you in coming home to your authentic self. The Journey looks in detail at what is required to transition from your Human Operating System (mind) to your Soul Operating System (heart) and how to stop existing and begin fully living.

It is a program of transformational change. Change that is permanent, and at times confronting, yet liberating. 

The Journey is offered in four stages based upon The 4 Pillars of SELF © –SurrenderingEvolvingLoving and Feeling.  Each program is 8 weeks duration and some of what is included is:

  • 2-hour Weekly Zoom circle of teachings and connection.
  • Audio and video 
  • Comprehensive written modules (PDF files), including key message graphics.
  • Deep Dive optional modules each week.
  • Embodiment Practices.
  • Experiential Activities using Rapid Core Healing modality.
  • Infusion of shamanic and spiritual practices to deepen the teachings, experiences and healing (deities, animal medicine, music & movement, crystals, journeys, chakras, mantras etc )
  • Personal Astrology Blueprint.
  • Weekly challenges and self-love practices.

Detailed information on the modules for each Pillar can be found here. The program is delivered using a variety of methodologies outlined here.

It is a Journey that requires commitment, vulnerability and strength. It is a journey that looks at all aspects of your life until this point and guides you to the areas of change and growth. You will know yourself in intimate detail by the end of it!

If you’re ready to commit to intimately knowing your soul beyond your human form and are committed to living a joyful, compassionate, loving life where your soul is in the driver’s seat then this program is for you.

The program is co-facilitated by Ross and his partner Penny and incorporates all the lessons they’ve learned along the way from the journey’s prior to coming into union. Penny and Ross share their lived experiences and wisdom gained along the way to teach and support others how to navigate their Journey, to help participants move from their human way of existing (mind) back into their soul way of living (heart).

Journey Home to Soul is an investment in your SELF. It is a commitment of time, energy, vulnerability, self-love and honouring. It involves diving deep within to release the impact of your human life experiences and rediscover the soul you were born with. 


Surrendering – The letting go of your False Identities. Beliefs, labels,old stories formed from conditioning of family, social acceptance.The cultures you where brewed in and grew in. The programming of your subconscious mind in your desire to belong ,to feel acceptance , to fit in, to feel Love. The Self deception that formed as a requirement of your survival. False ID is not accepted for your entry into a more fulfilling life Time to wipe the feet leave the BS at the door bow humbly to the forces that stir with in that surpass the weariness wanting rest and to go back to sleep.

Evolving – Re connection to your true essence. Who am I ? Your essential self , higher self guidance , your ‘I am’ As you entered the world soul essence bundled in the form of a new born baby.

Love – The re connection of mind and body in unison as the vessel for your Souls blossoming. Allowing receiving of universal love Cultivation of self Love as your primary mission. Beyond separation and disconnection.

Feeling – Resonating, feeling it all.The sadness,The Joy ,your anger,fear, LOVE. Transmutation into transformation. Feeling safe in your body,discernment of which feelings are merely old emotions seeking attention and which feelings are yours Inner knowing your Intuition The compass that guides your path forward . A gaining of wider perspectives and new perceptions insights to going beyond victim consciousness.

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