Rapid Core Healing

A modern day soul retrieval

Have you tried different modalities of healing, yet find yourself still triggered by old automatic responses and reactions, biology, past experiences and history?

Rapid Core Healing can create permanent change.

What Is Rapid Core Healing?

The keys to Rapid Core Healing are it goes beyond treating symptoms Into access the actual cause – finding the start point underlying the symptom/s. It gets to the very core of what has created the thoughts, feelings, lack of self worth and health conditions. The core of the trauma that has caused blockages, breakages, beliefs.  Rapid Core Healing accesses deep into the subconscious layers. It reaches the layers of the mind, body and soul. Going to the root cause of the issue by accessing the subconscious mind to repair the energetic imprints of past experiences,

Trapped and unhealed energies frozen within the body. Stuck trauma inhibits our ability to progress. 

Ross Duncan

Rapid Core Healing goes to the cause of issues to release those stuck energies at the subconscious layers of the central nervous system.

Traumas are wounds both emotional and physical wounds that become embodied in the physical body and thinking mind, on constant replay. By releasing the stuck energies from within the mind and body we can life our own life.

What Makes it Different to other Modalities/More Traditional Methods?

Modern medicine only looks at the symptoms of an issue and generally looks to mask the symptoms with pharmaceutical drugs – synthetic and man-made substances, or to remove the diseased part of the physical body. It doesn’t look into the cause underlying the symptoms. When old trauma is re triggered, our reactions and responses are signalling that a wounding lies hidden and requires acknowledgment and releasing, which leads to permanent healing.

Rapid Core Healing is letting go of our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual structures. When we know no others we may cling to them, even though they become dysfunctional behaviours they’re familiar and definable. They unconsciously grant us a sense of control, with nothing to fill the empty space, nothing to slide in, it is terrifying to the ego mind. Something major generally takes place to willingly seek changes, to become fearless in the face of the unknown.

It is solution focused, experiential, client centred, emotionally focused, safe and effective,

Our mental structures and paradigms are imbedded in us from our family enviroment, schools, society, religious teachings , imprints of conditioning, beliefs, learned behaviours. We learn them and we play them out because they become the boundaries within which we can mostly guarantee safety. But paradigms can be limiting and obstructive. They can become self destructive, no longer sustainable, safe, or protective. They limit our growth and expansion.

The multi dimensions of our life

Whether it turns out to be from personal history or goes deeper into your family of origin. Patterns can start from a large trauma back in our family history, Disruptions like wars, forced migration , abuse of any form will have a starting point. This is often where the root cause of the issue lies

Once we find the start point we can clear and repair the energetic break, leading to a full recovery. It goes deep and uncovers hidden layers events that may have been buried, events that may seem innocuous and dismissed yet at deep level of subconscious are ruling a current day response.

How many sessions?

Within three to five sessions (per issue) clients will have transformed their trauma. People who have experienced physical, sexual, violent trauma are able to heal and fully recover beyond being victims or survivors to full recovery and able to have a full life.  Three to five sessions will bring deep change depending on a client’s willingness to change, grow and give themselves permission to live fully . To unravel deep entwinements, loyalties and secrets.

Through Rapid Core Healing it takes way less sessions to achieve deep results, change old thought patterns, beliefs and conditions. It heals at the core and cause, not masking the symptoms like much of modern medicine does by numbing them down and leaving the cause untreated.

How is Rapid Core Healing Different?

 Rapid Core Healing accesses the subconscious – the storehouse of our life experiences, to create those permanent changes. Rapid Core Healing (RCH) is an energy psychology where I guide clients to untangle from the false sense of identity taken on from outside of oneself to feel connected , experience love and a sense of belonging

  • Abuse– in any form sexual, physical, emotional. financial
  • Adoption, non attachment, abandonment. disconnection from culture and heritage.
  • Autoimmune diseasefibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, 
  • Addictions, Depression. Anxiety, panic attacks  Eating disorders
  • Unacknowledged miscarriages, abortions, post natal depression. 
  • Fears, grief, loss, relationships, money, 
  • The effects of political unrest, economic hardship, war, immigration from your family line, are some of the trauma areas Root Cores can help clear,

Releasing trauma imprints at a deep, subconscious level allowing the soul to be felt and heard. Treating the mind is surface layer issues. Bypassing the mind and going into the energetic body (our true operating system) clears the mind allowing access to our soul’s inner wisdom.  The mind is so full of thoughts it obstructs our access to the natural inner nature and our self. 

Rapid Core Healing combines unlocking the connection of the mind and body, thoughts and feelings, and shifts energy at that level to access soul. It combines psychology (mind) and connects with the body where emotions get stuck in e-motion (energy in motion).

.How Does It Differ from Modern Medicine?

Ross believes that every illness/disease starts from an emotion (energy in motion) becoming blocked or suppressed. As emotions are our inner guidance and release valve to deeper turbulence it is critical to shift trauma related energy from the body.

Rapid Core Healing finds the cause, the start point where illness starts and grows from – the initial cause of event that created disease, disorder to (structure or function) and created the symptom/s.  Because Rapid Core Healing works at multiple layers a full recovery is possible, rather than just easing the symptoms or merely seeing themselves as survivors.

It investigates our ability to respond, how we can respond better in the situation with integrity, kindness, compassion, assertiveness not aggression, and to see the others point of view rather than reacting and forcing their beliefs. Mindful responses not conditional, automated responses. Responses from all that an individual has become, not the older version of self responses.

The Origins of Rapid Core Healing

Rapid Core Healing uses a dual approach – Family Systems Constellations and Emotional Mind Integration. 

Family Systems Constellations was developed by Bert Hellinger of Germany in the early 1980s after spending time with Zulu Tribes in Africa marvelling how well the order of their family systems functioned, even with many being in polygamous relationships.

Emotional Mind Integration (EMI) was developed in 2013 by Yildiz Sethi, a clinical Psychologist & Hypnotherapist, Family Constellations practitioner, Counsellor trained in Ego state therapy, NLP,CBT and Gestalt therapy. Yildiz sensed a need for an updated 21st century modality that could access the subconscious mind to achieve self healing pathways quickly and effectively.

Emotional Mind Integration combined into modern day therapy works at a subconscious level (higher self), unblocking blockages and brakes, reclaiming our lost soul parts. Our formative years of Childhood and adolescence.

These two combined modalities are called Rapid Core Healing which utilises body based sensing, neuro trance psychotherapy.

Rapid Core Healing is a modern, deep psychology modality or healing practice. It is an energy psychology that incorporates psychology, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, counselling, hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming. Family Constellations.

It is well documented, and known, that much trauma is subtly passed from generation to generation , some in our DNA and more in our conditioning (how we are instructed to live by our mother, father, grandparents). Through this process we recognise patterns that they too learnt it and carried as children.  We trace back to the source, the cause, the beginning/start point, of traumatic events from which our beliefs and feelings began in our family history. 

Then we can look into our own personal trauma, what may have caused stress/anxiety, depression (what’s depressed?) Lack of self worth etc from our early formative years. There we may well find patterns of events happening multiple times in our first 20 years and that flow into our adult years. Often we are completely unaware of the trauma we have taken on from our family and the impact it has on our lives.

Rapid Core Healing goes beyond the typical and combines ancient traditions of allowing the ‘knowing’ field to bring in solutions. For centuries ancient cultures have used Family Constellations to look at historical traumas, imbalances, breaks and blockages in our Family History.

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