What is Trauma?

What is trauma? The root word meaning of Trauma is wounds. Emotional and physical wounds

The response to any deeply stressful and disturbing event, that overwhelms an individual’s ability to cope, causing feelings of helplessness, diminishing the sense of self and the ability to feel the full range of emotions and experiences. Leave you feeling numb, unsafe, alone, not worthy of love. Which can feel like you have been disconnected and abandon not only from family and friends but also feeling abandoned by source, god, the universe

Trauma’s are painful emotional and physical experiences. They are deeply uncomfortable in the moment, the experience is too intense or complex to process all at once, so the body goes into self protection mode, freezing, then storing the memory of this trauma in the neurology and the tissue of the body, to become cellular memories, waiting for a moment to resurface and continue being processed, so it can finally be surrendered, expressed and released.

That retained charge becomes an energetic imprint within our nervous system, constantly being retriggered, creating reoccurring patterns, holding us in our perception of the world. Becoming our impulsive, unconscious reactions and responses, whenever we feel threatened or not in control of our surroundings.

This is where Rapid Core healing comes in, to shift the frozen, stuck energy at the subconscious layers, at the core of where it has become embodiment in the mind and body tissue. Unraveling to get back to the original cause which can only happen by accessing the subconscious.

“Trauma is perhaps the most avoided,ignored,belittled,denied,misunderstood,and untreated cause of human suffering” Peter Levine

“Often Hurt people,hurt other people when the trapped energy of unreleased trauma bursts out as spontaneous reactions and responses.” Ross Duncan

Many people struggle to admit or acknowledge they have experienced traumatic events. What if I asked you have you ever experienced a distressing, an upsetting, a harmful, or hurtful, painful, or agonising, devastating, horrifying, terrifying, stressful, an upheaval, torturous, shocking ,confusing. disturbing, an ordeal, a bad experience? Would you have answered yes to any ?

Then yes you have suffered some form of trauma. When we recognise our own the shift can begin. Once we can fully go beyond shame, to admit we have experienced some form of trauma, the healing can begin! In reality each & every human will encounter trauma at some stage of their life journey! Many will remain caught and controlled by trauma their whole life! Even identify as their trauma, survivor, victim! The good news is trauma can be shifted, moved, eradicated at the very core, the root cause, at the source. Full recovery is possible!

Over half the western world population has chronic disorders such as high blood pressure, autoimmune disorder. Rates of depression, addiction, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), anxiety are all skyrocketing. All of these disorders can often be traced to trauma, adverse childhood experiences, chronic stress, nervous system dysregulation.

The autonomic nervous system manages our survival and stress response. It is our in built detection system constantly scanning the environment for threats and signs of danger. There are 3 biological states which are activated automatically, Safe, mobilised and immobilised. Each move through these 3 states everyday. When our nervous system is regulated this happens fluidly and flexibly, which assists us to manage and become resilient to life’s difficulties. However after trauma states of chronic stress, the detection system can become faulty, signalling danger when we are actually safe.


Types of Trauma 

Acute trauma results from a single stressful or dangerous event. 

Chronic trauma results from repeated and prolonged exposure to highly stressful events examples childhood abuse, bullying, domestic violence, sexual abuse,

Complex trauma (PTSD) results from exposure to multiple traumatic events. 

There are also Hidden traumas that come through family lines generation after generation.

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