What Does a Session Look Like?

Each session is a private session in quiet, safe, uninterrupted space and lasts approximately 90 minutes. Sessions are hands off and involve a light meditative state or hypnosis where the client is fully aware of the thinking mind into the feeling body.

Sessions can be done face to face or via zoom.

Often the first session will look at family dynamics, historical events in the family in order to narrow down the intention for the session and pinpoint the starting issue to work with.

In light trance/meditative space the source of core wound aka trauma. We touch on (without going back into the past trauma) and it is cleared using an interactive process to release and express allowing trapped/stuck energy to release from the body.

Tapping into the subconscious mind through the feelings in the body it is a very experiential process getting out of the mind , sensing through the body to get a more accurate perspective of where and what are the core and cause of a client issue or blockage

Rapid Core Healing trusts in the ornate wisdom of the body, that deep within the client knows and has the inner resources to heal themselves.

Ross facilitates the safe space, listens to the client, directs the energy and guides clients from their own cues, enabling the client to use their inner wisdom and heal themselves.

For maximum benefit and permanent change three to five sessions are recommended, with a minimum two weeks between sessions to ensure adequate integration. Successful integration creates new patterns and builds new neural pathways . Big shifts occur through this approach,

To book a session or for further information contact Ross here.

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