Who Does it Benefit?

Everyone can benefit from Rapid Core Healing. Often people already searching for ways to move forward in their life seek Ross’ assistance. Many have tried various modalities and still find themselves with old patterns, unexplained feelings. All tripping them up on their forward progress in life.

Rapid Core Healing looks at, and works with, a very broad range of issues under the categories of health and wellness, money, business, trauma, anxiety, and abuse (including sexual).

Rapid Core Healing will uncover deeply buried past secrets, entanglements and loyalties. With a gentle approach, appropriate support and guidance from Ross, it is possible for clients to integrate their sessions.  Subconscious levels of permanent change result, including improvements/resolutions in existing health issues. .

There is a certain willingness required to obtain the maximum benefit of Rapid Core Healing. An allowing, an openness to possibility, courage to heal and a commitment to releasing permanently the trauma holding them back in life. Clients are guided by their own inner knowing, under the direction of Ross.

Why Would an Individual do Rapid Core Healing?

To move forward in their personal life, unburdened by events, trauma and blockages of the past. To live free from automatic responses, reactions to change and of thinking. To release the feelings/emotion attached to past events.

To live life more fully. To lighten up the load they are carrying and release what’s not theirs to carry. To recognise old patterns of behaviour and why they do what they do, to identify the source and repair the conditioning of old,

To stop patterns and beliefs continuing to flow/move through family lines. To reach acceptance that their parents and ancestors did/are doing the best they could/can with the skills they had/have been given.

To realise how free and how much more choice, awareness, opportunity are available to us in these current times. 

To live in the present, not the past or the future. To reclaim health.

Why work at the core issues?

Because huge releases occur by healing, removing, repairing at the core level. It creates free space internally to create new, self created healthy beliefs, self loving, to feel vibrant and alive, and to embrace life and fully engage in it.

The benefit of working on the healing mind is it will heal the physical body.

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