Why Does Ross Do What He Does?

Why am I passionate about this? its Soul work, it’s about awakening
consciousness, if you want to change the world it starts with your inner world.
How you see and treat the outer world is a reflection of the collective mind set,how we each treat the external world is that reflection of how we are in our inner world. Humans want to rush about saving the world without first healing their inner wounds. The Earth Mother is quite capable of and well equipped to self repair, so are we when we choose to and seek some guidance. I do believe we have an innate capacity to heal ourselves, we may need support to access the
deeper layers of stuckness in the invisible subconscious of mind and body that great store house of unprocessed experiences. That’s what I master in, transforming energy, providing support and guidance, creating safety, with non judgment, a compassionate heart, guiding your Soul retrieval, reconnecting to your whole self, reclaiming your dignity, your true identity, recognising your soul purpose, connecting to Love. Journeying home to your Soul

Through Ross’ own journey of discovery he found at times an almost irrational feeling that his life was just ticking along. He was seeking ways to grow and expand, eagerly stepping up for new experiences to help him become more ‘himself’. Yet part of him still felt pulled back into old issues, like an invisible leg clamp on his forward progress. Strange loyalties to family, community, his roots. He felt hesitant to put his head up and be seen for fear of the society imposed ‘tall poppy syndrome’.

Through deep journeying inwards Ross has realised more and more that our thoughts create our world. Our thoughts create feelings in our body that affect our overall well being. Our thoughts create our inner world which becomes our outer world. Yet so much of our deepest thoughts and daily reactions and responses are often invisible, unseen thought , formed ,conditioned, at a very early age.

Ross was drawn to training in Rapid Core Healing because of it’s experiential, feeling based approach and the fact it was not heavy or offering theory or mind based solutions. He liked the full body approach and gentle techniques that help individuals safely release their trauma permanently, without taking them back into the traumatic event/s.

Throughout his training Ross had many huge shifts of his own and witnessed incredible shifts in fellow students – severe traumas shifts.

Under the guidance of the Family Constellations trainer, Ross stepped into the role of a fellow student’s family member and was astounded at what he was speaking, expressing, sensing and feeling in his body. Ross felt the energy flowing through him, the feelings he experienced as a representative in the family constellation of a complete stranger, without any knowledge or history with the person. Through this experience Ross fully realised the power of the Rapid Core Healing method . He was drawn to undertaking extensive training to offer others this same opportunity to others.

Ross has witnessed the transformation of of people who have been sexually abused, victims of incest, severe domestic violence and other human inflicted atrocities. He has witnessed their healing, seen changes in their physical appearance and previous limitations removed, body tensions relaxed.

Having felt his own shifts and witnessed the transformation of his clients and how much freer, joyful, and smooth daily life becomes when we are free of past trauma woundings and conditioning is what drives Ross’ passion for Rapid Core Healing. Ross enjoys witnessing individuals understanding what holds them back from living a peaceful, heart centred life; the releasing of unconscious habits, patterns, burdens and beliefs they carry that affect their health, thinking and auto responses.

Ross’s vision is to support those seeking deep shifts, to declutter and free up their load/baggage carried by changing paradigms and generating new healing, new healthy beliefs and patterns. He envisions individuals collectively rising to create a better world for themselves, their children, children’s children – finding self love, healthy relationships with self where individual’s don’t outsource their love and don’t take the words or actions of others personally if they aren’t uplifting us, understanding and accepting.

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