Your Journey Home to Soul

Your Soul Retrieval

Soul retrieval is used to recover lost parts of your self. What have you taken on from external places? What have you lost? Traumatic events can leave us feeling shutdown, a numbness. I hear many people say the feel disconnected from their body. This is real, our nervous system response to trauma is protection of our physical being that ‘hurt to much to feel’ or process in the moment leaving the mind and body feeling fragmented. These experiences come personally and also unknowingly we carry them loyaly for our family line as guarded secrets, What is hidden behind closed doors of your ancestry? ‘

‘What has been suppressed, repressed manifests to feeling depressed’

Unfortunately traditional modern medicine is only able to treat the symptoms by masking them with numbing substances . Other options sort are self medicating with alcohol and drugs. Trauma spreads through the generations in DNA or directly as abuse within the family . The ancients practice of Soul Retrieval to recover lost parts of self after traumatic experiences.

Rapid Core Healing is a modern day Soul Retrieval.

Trauma by definition is ‘wounds’. Emotions and physical wounds from historic events or experiences that overwhelm the nervous system They are to painful to process, the nervous system freezes.The impact of those events or experiences gets locked in the physical body cells, tissue, muscle, including the brain. This mind, body combination is what we call the subconscious. The trauma is frozen as an energetic imprint, awaiting to be processed and released. Our Family lines and Childhood contain traumatic experiences & events that manifest as symptoms in our emotional and physical health.

Soul Retrieval releases any form of trauma wether personal or from family entanglements, false loyalties, the fictional stories of who you are that you’ve thought were fact. The physical body becomes your safe haven again you can become grounded in your full self repaired and fully recovered.

  • Symptoms include
  • Abuse– in any form, sexual, physical, emotional. financial.
  • Adoption, non attachment, abandonment. disconnection from culture and heritage.
  • Autoimmune disease, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, chronic pain
  • Addictions : Depression : Anxiety : Panic Attacks : Eating disorders
  • Unacknowledged miscarriages, abortions, post natal depression
  • . Fears, grief, loss, relationships, money,
  • The effects of political unrest, economic hardship, war, immigration from your family line, are some of the trauma areas Root Cores can help clear.
Your personal journey into the underworld.
  • Initiation
  • The Body
  • Season of Winter
  • Element of Water once ice is now unfrozen.
  • Energy now in motion = E-motion
Taking the journey
Your Soul Essence

Your ‘Who am I? Who have I become? Is this who I want to be?

Am I seeking more to my life?

What have you let go? Surrendered unknowingly to belong, to fit in, to feel accepted, to please others, to find connection, to survive, and to receive love?

Starting in childhood we are shaped by the environment we grow up in, becoming a culmination of external influences, shaped by how other tell us we should be, shaped by the experiences of our life. Self doubt creeps in and self love steps out. We sell our Soul essence to belong.

Who are you once the masks peel away, the labels are released, the roles are relaxed, the conditioning, programming and false identities are brought to light, the beliefs are questioned? Space opens for your core values to redirect you, freedom to follow your own inner authority trusting your inner knowing and re authoring your life as your own creator. Following your heart’s desires, your Soul essence at the wheel.

Your middle world journey.
  • Where you have been conditioned.
  • Have you been turned away from yourself?
  • Season of Autumn. Element of Air.
  • Suppression of identity. The death place of self, as your identity was reshaped,
  • The Mind. Thinking and thoughts have became the dominant operating system.
  • Redefine the conditioned self
  • The quest to recovering your core ‘I am’!

Your Soul Purpose

Coming Home to a more expansive understanding of who you are. Connecting your unique Soul blue print listening to the callings of your soul your heart yearnings.Redefining your existence with awareness to any resistance. Fully inhabiting the body, trusting your senses as guidance to the pathway forward. .Trusting your intuitive knowing.

Soul revived to traveling heart first into life your new ways of being free from victim consciousness. Your Souls operating system as your primary. Recovered restored. Coming home to your Self. A beacon of hope for others. Fully Embodied rooted and anchored, the body and mind co operating as the throne from which your soul reigns

Your Upper world journey.
  • Returning home.
  • Reclaiming your ‘I am’.
  • Season of Spring.
  • The Soul.
  • Element of Fire.

Your Phoenix rising from the fires of transformation of the past, free from suffering.When we realise we have been suffering too long and something must change. We take a stand, deciding to live consciously instead of being driven by the unconscious mind and its long list offers and inhibitions.Creating the spark for the Phoenix to arise to burn through our old baggage.No longer escaping from who you are, letting go of who you were stories.letting go of the past.Lightness and clarity emerge. Recognsing your true self again.

Coming home
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