Your Personal Timeline

I can facilitate this as a physical walk back from your current age to your birth feeling the energetic wall as you walk through your different ages. Using EMI process as we do to express and clear any event that still has a charge attached to it.

We can also use pen and paper to write down major life events from each year of your life. It can be quite revealing what has been buried deep in the unconscious mind

Timeline written exercise for JHTS

Segment your  life to your current age in stages.It  may be easiest to start at now or boxes of  7 years

Look at any Major Events in each year


Abandonment – separation at birth from primary care giver.

Taken to ISU. Given up for adoption. Mother or father left, time alone in hospital, People left to care for you but abused you.

Any time you were hospitalised. Kicked out home.

 Grief Loss. Deaths of family members who died when you were 0 to 7, Death of Pets, Friends, or their parents

Miscarriage, Abortion, Still born,

Death of someone you admired Diana, Elvis, John Lennon. Thich Nhat Hanh

Include loss of property, shifting home or state, country, suburb,

Loss of  job, redundancies, shaking, lay offs

Loss of any relationship, friendships, Body parts limbs, finger, toes, appendix, spleen,

Abuse Physical and Emotional Psychological. Abuse can be extremely damaging

Include Bullying, Where you a bully or perpetrator maybe carrying guilt

Betrayal. Relationships, former partner cheated, Friends, Parent not acknowledging you. Abuse from their partner to you (step parents)

Milestones Your Successes.

Birth Date, learn to walk, learn to ride bike, Horse, Academic and sports awards, 18th-21s birthdays, was it celebrated? Leaving school further education Marriage, Becoming a parent,Career

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