I am the water

a poem by Ross

I am the water the H2O, from the tiniest drop to the raging flow.
River torrents,oceans wide, I flow from you as blood, as sweat, as the tears you weep. Over you as showers of rain,immerse in me as salt or fresh for I will wash away your pain.
There are many shapes that I can take,I am the Magician from which new life grows. I am the chameleon, the shifter of shapes.
Heat me up and watch me steam,cool me down and see me freeze,as ice and frost as snowflakes falling,as fog and dew and rainbows forming, my vapour blends with colours bright of chakra healing golden light.
Harness me, well many have tried,with high dam walls across my flow, of held back tears,from pains, locked deep inside.
Eventually I will find ways through,seeping down,flowing over,spilling sideways, a tear from corner eye,from deep pains locked in your heart.

Pitta patter,dripping down, floods and tears and falling rain,
gutters spill down gurgling drains,surging tides with full moon swollen.Taste my sweetness,quench your thirst,smell me fresh as rain first fallen on dry parched Earth below.
Soft and tender on your skin.I support the growth of and life of all here on planet Earth,but not alone,nor on my own,I collaborate with Sun and moon, wind and fire and earth herself,all unified as one, without this bond,life and growth, there simply would be none!

Swallow me,I will quench your thirst,bathe in me,wash your mind and body clean,wash away the dust and grime that clings from times and days now long gone. Now is your time to shine, outwardly from within.
Be calmed by me with rhythmic sounds,as breaking waves on ocean tides,
over river rocks I bump and grind,on old tin rooves as rain falls down from swollen clouds above
I am the H,the 2 the O plus one secret ingredient some of you may know! L-O-V-E, Love is at my core,the essence of who I am, I am H2O Love. As you drink or bathe in me, release those held back tears for Love will wash away your fears! Come now, flow like me,shift your shape and form,let go the past,release your old stuck ways,leave them all behind be cleansed with Love,transform as water beings may.
For I am in you and you are in me, our essence is entwined,both of us are made the same of the H the 2 the O and the once secret ingredient you all now know, the L O VE Love,express your love, let it flow,share your Love where ever you shall go, Namaste, great water being, that you are shining love both near and far our nature blessed with love,for we are the watery ones!
Cape Reinga NZ The Pacific ocean and Tasman sea Embrace

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